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    18 Jul 2018

    7 Best Cities in the World to Swim

    About Us
7 Best Cities in the World to Swim
There is a Portuguese in the list...
The heat tightens and nothing better than taking a dip to refresh the body and mind. We do not want you to miss anything if you're in Lisbon or somewhere near.
We present you with a curious and useful ranking for the sunny days ahead. These are the 7 best cities in the world for swimming. And yes, there is a Portuguese one in the list: Lisbon occupies the seventh place.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark
A city surrounded by water, Copenhagen is a joy for swimmers, especially as midsummer looms and winter becomes a distant memory.

2. Zurich, Switzerland
Switzerland's love affair with diving into rivers and lakes isn't just confined to the High Alps. Zurich has 18 official outdoor bathing spots, all offering crystal-clear water in stunning surroundings.

3. London, England

While plans for swimming in the Thames remain some way off, London has plenty of watering holes that come into their own when the English capital gets its sweat on

4. Hong Kong

At Repulse Bay, the water laps gently on the sand, making it the perfect place for an easy dip. For a hectic but fun-filled swim, Shek O offers amazing views to swimmers venturing out from the packed beach.

Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver's obsession with all things outdoors makes it the best city in Canada for anyone looking to take to the water. The beaches here are wonderful.
For a quiet dip away from the crowds, Third Beach is the place to be.

6.Sydney, Australia

Home to the world's largest natural harbor and some of Australia's best beaches, Sydney is a city which lives for the water.
Swimmers should swerve the surfers at Bondi and instead make for Clovelly Bay. 

Lisbon, Portugal
While aping Lord Byron and swimming across the Tagus is no longer possible, swimmers spending the summer in Portugal's ultra-hip capital will find wild water easy to come by. The railway line from the city center east to Cascais is blessed with vast stretches of sand and turquoise waves.

8. Paris, France
The annual Paris Plages event sees the banks of the Seine transformed. Sandy beaches dot the river, as well as a temporary pool for cooling off in the heart of the city.
These will be a welcome change from the current scenes in Paris, where flooding has left stretches of the Seine river bank underwater.

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