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    03 Oct 2018

    The Golden Age of Asbury Park

    About Us
The Golden Age of Asbury Park
Asbury recovered the pace and came to stay...
There's something going on in Asbury Park ... and it's been for decades.

It all began, in a way, when a local boy made the town of Jersey Shore a household name in 1973, an exclamation point between the highs and lows.

The 1970s were marked by financial difficulties and racial disturbances; the 1980s saw a plan to rebuild the city with seaside condos that finally did not take off.

The LGBTQ community handled home renovations on the east side and began investing in properties in the 1990s; in the 2000s, things stopped again. It was a tumultuous cycle that Caroline O'Toole, the Stone Pony's general manager, had followed for most of her life - and when she started at the iconic rock club in 2003, things were still hanging. For years, he left for the summer stage and saw the structure of a nearby building, waiting to be completed.

But lately, the walls are going - and getting - up. A quick stroll through the city center will find impressive dining options (looking out for you), vintage shops filled with merchandise that speak to the city's famous music scene, as well as craft distilleries, art galleries and a beer garden where drafts come With sea view.
The hotel scene in Asbury is also booming: great newcomers like the Asbury Hotel are worlds away from the Jersey Shore stereotype, and the next facility is even more impressive.

Join Asbury Ocean Club at Surfside Resort and Residences, a luxury hotel and apartment complex that serves as the trademark of Asbury's ongoing revitalization - and the new neighbor of the Stone Pony who came to stay.

Set to open the summer of 2019, the Asbury Ocean Club promises to have all the ingredients of what is expected of a high-end resort.

There will be a spa on site; an exclusive beach club for locals; a meditation terrace; and a 24-hour staff that can help you get tickets for last minute shows. The ground floor will be dedicated to the scrap space, while the next two floors make up the 54-room hotel.
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