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    18 Jul 2018

    Aliados is Porto New Premium Zone

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Aliados is Porto New Premium Zone
Home prices in Baixa already surpass those in Foz!
The Avenida dos Aliados, in Porto, is becoming a new premium zone of the city. Proof of this are the house prices, which continue to rise. Since 2016, the metropolitan metro (m2) is the most important historical center of Foz, considered the main residential area of ​​Invicta. The scarcity of supply and demand increase are at the root of this phenomenon.
At the end of last year, the average price of m2 in residential buildings was 2,129 euros without a historic center and 2,025 euros in Foz. The evaluation of the values ​​practiced in the city shows a "clear" rise to the residential product in the center of Porto.
Foz continues to be one of the main residential areas of the city, but as the parishes of the center of a city and Aliados Avenue already present themselves as a new axis of premium in the city of Porto. The major rehabilitation projects planned for Baixa - a reconversion of the Bolhão and D. João II markets - underscore a tendency to value the historic center.
The shortage of residential products in the city, coupled with a very strong demand - from nationals and foreigners - has pushed up the price increase. According to the market study, between 2013 and 2017, "average values ​​of life in the city increased by 32%, with a higher insertion area, better value doubling", as a consolidated and recognized area of ​​Foz privileged destination, was the one that least valued over five years.
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