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    02 Jan 2020

    Best place to retire? Portugal seems to be the answer

    About Us
Best place to retire? Portugal seems to be the answer
Portugal is one of the best countries in the world to live in, especially when you´re retired
After the success brought from tourism and foreign investment, Portugal seems to be making its way into the top of the list of countries where the quality of life is most appealing to foreigners. Distinguished by IL (International Living) Magazine in their Annual Global Retirement Index, Portugal is - according to this list - the best country in the world to retire.
There's only so much a nation can offer but Portugal definitely offers a lot. With its sunny beaches, valleys and mountains in the southwest corner of Europe, Portugal provides a wide range of atmospheres that only rarely can be found all in one place. Here people can experience everything: "Whether you are looking for surfing beaches or ancient ruins, fine museums or hiking paths, a place to windsurf or to polish your golf game, you will find it in Portugal".
On top of that, Portugal is also the third-safest country in the world that just so happens to offer affordable lifestyles, an internationally acclaimed healthcare, a stable climate and an excellent gastronomy. With so many factors backing the decision, it's safe to say that IL Magazine got it right: Portugal is definitely the place to enjoy your golden years.
Real Estate Boutique is experienced in working with international clients from all over the world. If you're looking to know more about this or other matters you can contact us through one of our TEAM members. We'll be happy to help.
Source: (International Living, 2020)
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