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    10 Dec 2018

    Chinese Dominate "Golden Visas"

    About Us
Chinese Dominate "Golden Visas"
With €2.3 Billion in Investments in Portugal...
In six years, total investments under the ARI program (better known as gold visas), which the Portuguese government launched in October 2012, reached a total of 4.078 billion euros, with acquisitions of real estate representing 3,698 billion euros. Capital transfers totaled 381 million euros.
During this period, China's investment totaled 2.281 billion euros, or more than half (55%) of the total. Chinese citizens received 3,981 residence permits for investment activities (ARIs).
China is easily the country with the highest number of permits, followed by Brazil, whose nationals invested more than 497 million euros in six years, for a total of 608 gold visas.
The South African investments come third in the ranking by nationalities, with more than 165 million euros and 265 ARIs.
The Russians invested almost 160 million euros (232 ARIs), and Turkish citizens accounted for 144 million euros (264 ARIs), occupying the fourth and fifth place, respectively.
In the first 10 months of this year, Chinese investment totaled almost 220 million euros, while the total of Brazil reached 110 million euros, and Turkey invested almost 83 million euros, followed by South Africa with 26 million euros and Vietnam with 22 million euros.
From the beginning of the year until October, the Portuguese authorities granted a total of 6,320 gold visas due to the acquisition of real estate, of which 215 were for urban rehabilitation.
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