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    08 Oct 2018

    Sleeping in New York

    About Us
Sleeping in New York
Zoom on the most inspiring hotels of the "Big Apple"...
Close to the Flatiron, the Freehand, is the new hotspot for adventurers and curious travelers. The old legendary George Washington hotel, built in 1928, was revamped by the duo of star decorators Roman & Williams, to whom we already owe the LA Freehand Its 395 rooms multiply the proposals, bunk beds in the family room . Saffron velvet armchairs, wild duck walls, Greek columns and claws of avant-garde artists ... deco choices where past and future are seen.

To experience the New York dream in style, visit 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. This third address from the 1 Hotels group, located on the East River Waterfront, offers a five-star view of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Harrison Green Landscape Design has transformed former offices into green oases by integrating elements of the nearby park into the premises. The industrial style interior is made of recycled wood, steel, stone and leather. Plus, the rooftop pool, lite water and yoga mattress in the rooms.
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