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  • About Us
    02 Oct 2018

    Exceptional Ecolodge

    About Us
Exceptional Ecolodge
A natural and responsible amphitheater...
In Rwanda, in the natural amphitheater of an eroded volcanic cone, Wilderness Safaris invites for a unique experience from its Bisate Lodge. Go on a hike, observe in the deepest respect the legendary mountain gorillas ...

Dedicated to the protection of this endangered species, the Bisate Lodge nestles in the middle of a breathtaking landscape.
Between legendary mountains and expanses of spectacular forests, the 6 exceptional rooms of this ecolodge have been built in a respectful and sustainable way.

The Bisate Lodge is part of a voluntary environmental reforestation, aimed at protecting the territory and its inhabitants.

Source: http://www.milkdecoration.com/ecolodge-dexception/
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