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    19 Feb 2020

    Europe: where to invest?

    About Us
Europe: where to invest?
Forbes magazine declares Porto one of the best European cities to invest in 2020
Over the past few years Portugal has gained prominence all over the world, being part of some of the most notorious world rankings. Whether for its economic stability, achievements in sport and culture or simply for its natural charm, the country has captured the attention of the most diverse entities recognized at international level.
This time it was Forbes who showed Portugal some love. Including it on its annual list of "Best European Cities to Invest In", the respected magazine defined Porto as "the next best place to look" for invesment opportunities after Lisbon. Among the highlighted reasons to support this remark are the low prices compared to the capital and also the positive evolution of this particular market that, since last year, has grown 15% in closed sales.

Included in this list are also the cities of Naples, Megève, Székesfehérvár, Batumi and Rotterdam that just like Porto are great alternatives to larger cities. Wether it be for their location, cultural history or housing prices, these cities are definetely worth the attention and you can learn more about them HERE.

Real Estate Boutique is experienced in working with international clients from all over the world. If you´re looking to know more about investment opportunities in Porto you can contact us through one of our TEAM members. We´ll be happy to help.

Source: (Forbes, 2019)

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