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    03 Dec 2019

    Europe: a look at the housing market

    About Us
Europe: a look at the housing market
Delloite study analyzes the european real estate market in 16 countries
Published in July, Delloite's Property Index 2019 presents in its conclusions the main real estate indicators from 16 European countries. According to the publication, the widespread increase in housing prices in Europe is unavoidable, and only Italy has counteracted this phenomenon.
Among countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Latvia, Portugal has been experiencing a much faster growth in house prices than the European average. This is a clear reflection of the current imbalance between the demand and supply of houses in Portugal which tends to be intensified in the two major urban centers of the country: Lisbon and Porto.
However, despite the sharp rise in prices, Portugal is still considered as the country where the price per square meter is lowest (EUR 1,088 per sqm) and where bank financing conditions are the most favorable, which may be a sign of hope for a country whose inhabitants are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain a home of their own.
Less positive is the fact that Portugal is also the country with the lowest total number of new homes completed, which is caused by the scarcity of plots in large cities that calls for and encourages the reconstruction of existing buildings.
If you are looking for more information regarding the Portuguese real estate sector, send us a message through our CONTACTS area or through one of our TEAM members.
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