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    24 Mar 2020

    Evolution of the Real Estate Market

    About Us
Evolution of the Real Estate Market
What´s to be expected for the rest of 2020?
As the crisis of Covid-19 deepens in the western countries of the world, its impact on the markets is becoming more and more foresseable.

With real estate transactions seeming to be paused all over Europe, the market is being negatively impacted by the overall uncertainty of the sector, that has led sellers to rethink the values of their assets and investors to postpone their acquisitions.

Also influenced by the current crisis, yields and rentals are expected to experience a downfall as a result of the momentary adjustment on rental values.As stated by Capital Economics, an independent company of economic research, the european real estate market is forecast to depreciate by nearly 8% throughout the rest of 2020.

However, things don´t appear to be all negative. In the event that estimations are correct, the real estate market will see its rebound already in 2021 by increasing its profitability to 9,8%.

If you´re looking for more information regarding the current situation of the real estate market send us a message to info@realestateboutique.pt or schedule a private meeting online with one of our Team members.

Source: (Out of the Box, 2020)
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