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    04 Oct 2018

    Fall Food Festivals

    About Us
Fall Food Festivals
Culinary events that appeal to all palates ...
So Good Festival, Bordeaux, França
Prestigious wine aside, the port city of Bordeaux in southwest France has excellent oysters, saffron, mushrooms, white asparagus, macarons, cream-filled choux cakes. It also benefits from being relatively close to the Gers region with its duck dishes, Marmande tomatoes and Blaye asparagus, local sturgeon caviar and Agen plums.

Csabai Sausage Festival, Békéscsaba, Hungria

Hungary produces sausages so good that a nationwide tour can be organized around them, but serious fans of sausages should look for the csabai sausages made in the city of Békéscsaba in the south-east of the country. In addition to countless tastings of sausages, the festival offers a stuffed cabbage cook contest, a series of concerts and a youthful sausage competition.

Saffron Rose Festival, Consuegra, Espanha

In the center of Spain, Castilla-La Mancha, where Cervantes established the fictional days of Don Quixote, the food is taken seriously. Manchego cheeses, garlic and stews hunting the best shepherd style are the center of attention, but saffron is the most coveted ingredient in the community. In the Saffron Rose Fiesta, held since 1963, there is a "Milling of Peace and Love" ceremony in a 16th century mill, and a competitive separation of the saffron threads from the purple flowers of the saffron.
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