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    13 dez 2017

    Gardens of Lisbon

    About Us
Gardens of Lisbon
The sun and the warmth ask for outdoor activities. In Lisbon there are plenty of gardens and parks where you can have a picnic, go for a walk, or just lay in the grass bathing in sunlight.




Jardim da Estrela is an amazingly beautiful garden planted in the heart of Lisbon. It was drawn 174 years ago and here you feel like you're in a trimmed, organized tropical forest. In Jardim da Estrela  you can chill in an esplanade while your children have fun in the playground or have a picnic in family, with friends or by yourself in the grass. You can also work outdoors because it has free Wi-Fi! On  the first weekend of each month, a street market takes place.



Jardins do Palácio Marquês de Pombal, which got known for hosting the most charmful music festival in the capital, EDP Cool Jazz, is the perfect place if you don't really love children all over the place, cyclists, runners and picnics and noise. Here you will know true calm. The gardens were inspired by the Versailles. It's like an outdoor museum, where you can find and admire the tiles panels, graceful sculptures, waterfalls and fountains.



Vale do Silêncio is the place you go when you want to get out of the rush and noise of the city. without having to. It is a misterious phenomenon: The park is located in Olivais, right by the side of one of the most noisy, busy and ugly parts of Lisbon. However, it is super calm, silent, green, like a breath of fresh air! It is amazing to do some exercise, as it offers great tracks made for cycling, football and basket fields and exercise equipment with training suggestions. How cool is that?!



Jardins Gulbenkian in Praça de Espanha work like a cooling spot when the temperatures in the city resemble hell. There are plenty of trees providing shade and also spots where the sun hits like crazy! You can cool it down with a gourmet ice cream on Ice Gourmet and then go for a wall by the lakes, while watching the birds and the turtles.


Of course these are just a sample of the endless possibilities you have park wise in Lisbon. Find your favourite one and have fun this summer!

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