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    02 Nov 2018

    Inside a San Francisco Home.

    About Us
Inside a San Francisco Home.
with Iconic Views...
Russian Hill, San Francisco, Jennifer Tulley, of Jennifer Tulley Architects, has converted a mid-century home on Lombard Street into an open, spacious home that blends in perfectly with the environment.

At first, the four-story house presented a serious design challenge - its verticality was made for limited square footage on each level. However, the fact that the house is narrow, inspired Tulley to move the living and dining areas upstairs, maximizing the views of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and the nearby Redwood Forest.

Selecting light woods and marble as her defining materials, Tulley also collaborated with another San Francisco-based creative, Jennifer Jones, of Niche Interiors, who selected organic and minimalist furniture that perfectly matched the architecture of space.

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