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    10 Dec 2018

    Foreign investors attracted by Portugal

    About Us
Foreign investors attracted by Portugal
Because of "security" ...
Specialists in the Portuguese real estate market met this month in Lisbon for the "SIL Investment Pro" event, which allowed them to assess the current state of a sector increasingly sought after by foreign investors.
As the Economic Journal points out, foreign investors accounted for about 82% of all real estate investments in the first half of 2018.
Pedro Seabra of Explorer Investments was one of the speakers at the event and explained that foreign investors choose Portugal for their "security, growth potential and attractive market".
He said the country attracted not only small investors who, to a certain extent, have boosted that growth in recent years, but also real estate investment groups that take the risk and make long-term investments.
Another important advantage is the growing reputation of the country as the best tourist destination.
Foreign investors seek in Portugal and in any other country a single thing: "profitability", and this depends on factors such as the market, access to credit and competitiveness.
There is a lot of work to be done in terms of a competitive customer-driven product.
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