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    07 Nov 2019

    It´s official: Porto & Lisbon are two of the very best cities in europe

    About Us
It´s official: Porto & Lisbon are two of the very best cities in europe
According to Condé Nast Traveller, Portugal holds two of the 25 best european city breaks
News like this are becoming increasingly more frequent and we couldn´t be happier. Not only because of its economical impact on our country, but also because it feels great to be acknowledged by such prestigious entities such as Condé Nast Traveller (CN Traveller).
As stated on their newest ranking, CN Traveller includes Lisbon and Porto on the 25 best city breaks in Europe awarding them the 9th and 15th position, respectively. As usual, Portugal faced some serious competition, but in the end our "cool capital vibes" and "photogenic streets" made their stand. The overall livelyhood of the cities in lign with their architecture and local commerce is, according to this ranking, one of the most appealing characteristics of both Porto and Lisbon. 
On the top of the list we can find Copenhagen, Florence and Amesterdam, highlighted by their atmosphere of art and design, while on the bottom we can see Vienna, Dublin and Antwerp. No matter what the ranking is, one thing is for sure: no one loses while on this list, because in it are only the best. 

Real Estate Boutique has offices in Lisbon and Porto so if you´re looking for more information regarding properties on these two cities, you can send us a message through our CONTACTS area or get in touch with one of our TEAM members.

Source: (CN Traveller, 2019)
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