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  • About Us
    03 Oct 2018

    The Felictà

    About Us
The Felictà
Big Momma opens the largest restaurant in Europe...
Nothing stops them!

After shining with Pink Mamma, Big Mamma breaks the bar even higher and opens the largest restaurant in Europe. Recipe ? 4500 m2 including 1000m2 terrace, 1000 seats, 5 kitchens, a beer garden, a huge cocktail bar and an incredible program of events throughout the year.

Located in the heart of Station F, in the 13th arrondissement, the 7th address of our favorite serial restaurateurs is once again radiating the best of Italian cuisine, in a trendy and relaxed space. Fresh pasta and risotto with trattoria, grill at the Grandegriglia area, pizza oven, foccacia at the Panificio stand, burgers stand ...

La Felicità is a daring and plural food market.
More than an address of passage, it is a real place of destination proposing a broad program of cultural events (exhibitions, concerts, projections of films ...)

The ideal spot to meet in band or family (the place is 100
% kids friendly.) It remains to be seen if the size of the queue will be as big as the size of the project.

Source: http://www.milkdecoration.com/la-felicita/
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