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    19 Sep 2019

    Lisbon has the world´s coolest neighbourhood

    About Us
Lisbon has the world´s coolest neighbourhood
Time Out magazine distinguishes Arroios as #1 in its Cool Neighborhood Ranking
On the 17th of September 2019, Time Out magazine declared Arroios as being the world´s most exciting neighbourhood, putting this area of Lisbon ahead of cities like Barcelona, New York or Tokyo. This RANKING  resulted from a worldwide survey with the participation of more than 27 000 people, complemented by the knowledge and experience of Time Out’s editors (Time Out PR, 2019). 

According to the Senior Editor of Time Out Lisbon, Arroios feels the heart and soul of the locals, making it a multicultural hub that radiates life, energy and an overall jovial aura. To complement the ranking, Time Out also provided suggestions regarding some restaurants, bars and sites to visit when in Arroios. Here are a few of the places that made it to the list:

- RAMIRO - a portuguese restaurant perfect for snacks of seafood and other specialties;

- MERCADO DE CULTURAS - venue for exhibitions and live gigs;

- LIBRARY OF ST. LAZARUS - oldest library of the City, dated from the 17th century;

- CASA INDEPENDENTE - Bar/Restaurant/Concert Hall.

If you’re planning a trip to Portugal, why not consider a visit to Arroios to see what the fuss is all about? We’re sure you’ll have a wonderfull time.
Real Estate Boutique has offices in Lisbon and Porto, so if you’re looking for more information regarding properties on these two cities, you can send us a message through our CONTACT area or get in touch with one of our TEAM members.

Source: Time Out, 2019

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