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    04 fev 2018

    Lisbon Top Museums

    About Us
Lisbon Top Museums
Museums in Lisbon number some of the city’s most popular cultural attractions, so if you´re in the city, you have to visit at least one of the following:
  • Museu Nacional do Azulejo (National Museum of the Tiles) - The only museum in Portugal dedicated to the azulejo, the decorative tile, this superb cultural facility is set in and around the beautiful cloisters of the Convento da Madre de Deus, founded in 1509. The collection showcases the evolution of tile-making and is exhibited chronologically. A notable piece is the extraordinary 35-metre tiled panorama depicting Lisbon before the 1755 earthquake – the longest azulejo in Portugal!





    Hospital de Bonecas (Doll Hospital) - One of the most unusual visitor attractions in Lisbon, the Hospital de Bonecas really is a hospital for toy dolls, where all kinds of damaged figurines made in all sorts of materials can be repaired or restored to their original condition. Customers include doll owners and collectors from Portugal and all over the world. The "hospital" also doubles up as a fascinating museum where thousands of antique dolls made from porcelain, plastic and – very rare – papier mâché are displayed.




    Museu Nacional dos Coches (National Coach Museum) - It holds the largest collection of historic coaches and carriages in the world, and is certainly the finest museum of its kind in Europe. The coaches, comprising state and promenade vehicles from Portugal, Italy, France, Austria and Spain, span from the 16th to the 19th centuries and provide an outstanding exhibit of the technical and artistic evolution of horse-drawn transportation used by the Church and the Courts of Europe.




    Museu do Oriente (Orient Museum) - The Orient Museum's permanent collection, exhibited under the banner 'Portuguese Presence in Asia – Heritage. Memory. Collections' brings together a rare and priceless cache of artefacts from Eastern Europe, the Far East and Indian subcontinent. Arranged according to their country of origin, each piece effectively traces the cultural links forged by Portugal with the Orient.




    Besides these, you can visit other interesting museums such as the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, the Museu da Farmácia, the Calouste Goulbenkian Museum and many others.



    Credits: USAToday|1oBest

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