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    13 Nov 2019

    Portuguese Real Estate Market surprises once again

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Portuguese Real Estate Market surprises once again
After the very successful results from 2018, Real Estate investment in Portugal will increase in 2019
A new report from Cushman & Wakefield, global leader of real estate consulting services, predicts that in 2019 Portugal will break its own record regarding real estate investment.
Thus far, 1,7 billion euros worth of commercial real estate have already been transacted. Together with the current ongoing transactions, this result will most likely surpass the 3 billion euros record from last year.
According to this report, Portugal is in full capacity to achieve a ground breaking record in its own history that is mainly due to the overall stability of the economy and international demand.
Offices and Retail are on the top areas of investment and are presenting some very interesting results with the first registering its biggest trasanction numbers ever.
The year 2019 was great for this sector. However, although the numbers speak loudly and there is no clear sign of regression, real estate market developments are expected to slow down a little, achieving sustainable growth rates in line with other economies.

If you are looking for more information about the Portuguese real estate market send us a message through our CONTACTS area or through one of our TEAM members.

Source: (Jornal de Negócios, 2019)
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