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  • About Us
    02 Nov 2018

    Merci x Muji

    About Us
Merci x Muji
Both brands feature the Unit She...
There are many similarities between the Paris concept store and the Japanese brand.

There is the love of beautiful things, the incarnation of an authentic way of life, in slow motion, but also the importance of the functional and the comfortable. Together, they present the Unit Shelf Shelf, a storage unit that can have many uses and has a place in every room of the house.

Its dimensions were defined according to a measurement unit still used today the Japanese habitat, the tatami (or "Jo"). These proportions allow a better optimization of the space, thus answering the current preoccupations of the city dwellers, brought to live in spaces more and more reduced.

A modern product, to adapt and customize according to its expectations, to discover until November 10 on Merci.

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