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    04 Nov 2019

    New Change in Tax Regime for Non-Habitual Residents

    About Us
New Change in Tax Regime for Non-Habitual Residents
Find out how the application process for this scheme has changed and what´s new
Following the update of the list of high value added activities covered by the tax regime for non-habitual residents (RNH), there is now another novelty regarding this program.
If up until  now, the prior approval of the application to the NHR was necessary to request the enjoyment of the tax benefits in it predicted, now they are automatically granted. That is, once the application for the NHR is approved, the taxpayer immediately acquires the right to be taxed according to the stipulated fixed rate (20%), without having to make a new submission.
This change comes as a result of the growing delays in the approval of NHR applications that have in some cases exceeded 12 months and have clearly undermined the credibility of the program.
Although easier, the process of applying for NHR tax benefits will tend to be more closely supervised by the Tax Authorities to avoid fraud or irregularities in income taxation. This way, the program becomes more efficient and adjusted to the needs of its applicants.

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Source: (EDGE, 2019)
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