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  • About Us
    21 Jan 2019

    Opening of the 1st Real Estate Boutique Shop

    About Us
Opening of the 1st Real Estate Boutique Shop
It's time to grow!

Real Estate Boutique begins the year in full expansion, starting the retail network. The first store opened in the heart of the city of Porto. The second store will open in Lisbon by the end of this year.

 In the Portuguese real estate market since 2014, operating in the Private and Corporate segments, Real Estate Boutique starts its retail network with direct sale to the public. In addition to the offices on Avenida da Boa Vista in Oporto and Rua Duque de Palmela in Lisbon, Real Estate Boutique now has a store on Avenida Rodrigues de Freitas, in one of the most traditional and trendiest neighborhoods of Invicta.
The initiative comes after a year, of 2018, of frank expansion. The company was able to attract, for Portugal, an investment that exceeded 100 million euros, from investors from Israel, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam. With its four years of existence, moving forward with its own retail network was the necessary step. With a strategy in mind, Ricardo Guerreiro, CEO of Real Estate Boutique, confided, "because we serve not only the Corporate and Private segments as we have done so far, but also Affluent clients with identification of residential real estate for investment or own housing, offering a distinctive service of proximity, in-depth knowledge of each local community and the evolution of the real estate market. "
The executive is optimistic foreseeing the opening of the second store in Lisbon in the coming months. By the end of 2019, the Real Estate Boutique chain will have two more stores in Porto. "We are aware that this will be a very demanding year because it will be necessary to consolidate our business and our value proposition." The chief executive of Real Estate Boutique is aware of the external risks that may affect the Portuguese real estate market in the coming years, but reveals that "we have some surprises to present to our clients before the end of the first quarter"

Source: Diário Imobiliário
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