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    03 Oct 2019

    Portuguese passport is the 5th most powerful in the world

    About Us
Portuguese passport is the 5th most powerful in the world
Henley & Partners announces the new passport ranking, where Portugal was highlighted
Released October 1, 2019, the latest ranking from Henley & Partners - the world´s most prestigious passport rating company - ranks the Portuguese passport in fifth place, making it one of the most valuable in the world.
According to this new list, Portugal shares its position with Austria and the Netherlands, whose passports guarantee access to 185 countries without the need for advance visa. The good Portuguese classification refers to 2008 and 2009, years in which it also occupied the fifth position in the ranking.
In absolute terms, the most powerful passports in the world are those of Japan and Singapore, with free access to 190 countries, while the least valuable (with access to only 25 countries) belongs to Afghanistan.
For the full list, follow this LINK.
Source: (Diário de Notícias, 2019)
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