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    27 Sep 2019

    Portugal is in the Top 3 of the most peaceful countries in the world

    About Us
Portugal is in the Top 3 of the most peaceful countries in the world
Two years after entering Top 5, Portugal reaffirms its ranking position
According to the 2019 Global Peace Index (GPI), the world has been slightly more peaceful again, although in the last ten years there has been a significant deterioration in world peace. In fact, 2019 had the very first increase of this index after a period of 5 years in which there was no improvement.
Among countries such as Iceland, New Zealand and Denmark - usually distinguished by their peacefulness - Portugal belongs once again to the Top 3 of the world's most peaceful nations, two years after its debut. Of note, Portugal reaffirmed its status by reaching the 3rd position in the ranking, which implied an increase of two positions compared to the last held GPI.
In contrast to the predominance of Europe as the most peaceful region in the world, the Middle East and North Africa continue to be considered the most conflicting places on the planet, housing 4 of the 10 least peaceful countries according to the ranking. As for the top and bottom runners-up, Iceland hold first place for the 11th consecutive year, while Afghanistan replaced Syria in last position and is now the least peaceful country.
Given this rating, Portugal's attractiveness to its residents and visitors is confirmed by ensuring that this is a peaceful, friendly and, above all, safe country.
If you plan to invest or purchase property in Portugal, please be aware that Real Estate Boutique has offices in Lisbon and Porto ready to receive you. If you wish to contact us directly, you can do so through our CONTACTS area, or through one of our TEAM members.
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