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    01 Apr 2020

    Portugal promotes support measures for immigrants

    About Us
Portugal promotes support measures for immigrants
Portuguese Government moves forward with exceptional measures to support the foreign population living in the country
In isolation for almost a month and with the daily increase of cases affected by Covid-19, Portugal has adopted new preventive measures that aim not only for the sake of public health, but also for the safety of all foreign citizens currently in the country and waiting for permanent residence.

As long as the Coronavirus crisis persists, the Portuguese Government has instructed the Borders Authorities (SEF) to speed up the licensing process of all imigrants presently living in the country, in an unprecedent act of solidarity and human care, allowing everyone to be taken care by the National Health Service, Welfare benefits and other social supports. To benefit from such measure, applicants need only to provide evidence of an ongoing process of application to Portuguese Residency.

Thousands of people who live in the national territory, many of them applying for Golden Visa, who have trusted Portugal for their future and for their investments, can now trust the country that hosts them to assure their safety, without being deprived of their rights to health and public services.

If you plan to invest or acquire properties in Portugal, know that Real Estate Boutique is available to answer all your questions through private online meetings. If you wish to get in direct contact with us, you can do so through our CONTACTS area, or through one of the members of our TEAM.

Source: (Reuters, 2020)
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