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    28 Mar 2019

    Portugal, one of the countries where foreigners are happier

    About Us
Portugal, one of the countries where foreigners are happier
TOP 10 worldwide as friendly country ...
Receiving well the foreigners who live in Portugal is one of the best characteristics of the Portuguese and that is why we are in the TOP 10 worldwide as a friendly country.

According to the study released today by InterNations - the world's largest expatriate community, with more than 3.4 million members in 420 communities - Expat Insider on the best and worst countries to make friends. Portugal ranks 10th in 68 countries.

According to the report, finding friends is often a major challenge for people moving abroad: only 57% of migrants around the world find it easy to make new friends abroad, and an even smaller share of 45% say that it is easy to make friends with local people in your new country of residence. These findings are part of InterNations' latest research released today and one of the most extensive studies on life and work.

The results highlight the positive impact a good social network can have on people moving abroad: migrants living in nine of the ten most important countries not only find it easy to make friends but are substantially your life than the global average.

How foreigners analyze Portugal:

• 75% find it easy to make new friends
• 64% find it easy to make local friends
• 89% are happy with life in general

Portugal ranks tenth in terms of finding friends in the latest Expat Insider survey. Nearly two-thirds of the emigrants (64%) find it easy to make local friends in the country (versus 45% globally), and 75% say making new friends is easy too (vs. 57% globally).

"The Portuguese are incredibly friendly and welcoming," shares a UK emigrant. "It's very easy to adapt to life here." In fact, 82% of expatriates feel at home in Portuguese culture, which is 22 percentage points above the global average (60%). It may seem that the Portuguese seem to be extremely receptive to expatriates: about nine out of 10 respondents (87%) consider the attitude toward foreigners to be friendly (against 66% worldwide), with more than half (52%) saying that local attitude could not be friendlier (against 28% globally).
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