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    13 Apr 2020

    Quinta Marques Gomes (Vila Nova de Gaia)

    About Us
Quinta Marques Gomes (Vila Nova de Gaia)
A symbol of exclusivity in the area of Grande Porto
In a privileged location in Vila Nova de Gaia, Quinta Marques Gomes (QMG) is one of the most exclusive projects in the area og Grande Porto, in which Real Estate Boutique is pleased to participate.

With abundant green areas and a truly exceptional location, QMG is part of the city's history, now becoming a luxury residential condominium under the responsibility of United Investments Portugal (UIP). Member of the Al-Bahar Investment Group - owner of Pine Cliffs Resorts (Algarve), Sheraton Cascais (Lisbon) and the renowned spa brand Serenity - UIP defines with Quinta Marques Gomes a new symbol of exclusivity and quality in the city of Porto, combining it with an excellent real estate investment opportunity in Portugal.

Designed as a philosophy of life, QMG provides for the construction of a true community that offers privacy, comfort and security to all its residents in what is the biggest window to the mouth of the Douro River. Consisting of three different types of villas, with typologies ranging from V3 to V5 + 1, Quinta Marques Gomes establishes a set of modern and differentiated housing solutions in which the design of the exteriors complements the nature of the landscape.

Find out more about Quinta Marques Gomes from our Private Brokers and find out how your home can become your own Private Paradise.
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