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    27 Apr 2020

    Suspension of measures to contain Local Accommodation in Porto

    About Us
Suspension of measures to contain Local Accommodation in Porto
In the middle of a crisis in the tourism sector, the municipality of Porto rethinks the Regulation of Local Accommodation
For the last few years Portugal has been thriving with the ever growing number of tourists that annually visit the country. In fact, Tourism has such an impact that cities have actually been reshaped and adapted to welcome our foreign visitors in Hotels, Hostels and most commonly in Local Accomodation (Alojamento Local or AL). 

However, the growth of these hospitality units has been subject of much internal debate and for this reason, the municipalities of Lisbon and Porto have chosen to suspend in July 2019 the register of new units for AL in some of the most saturated areas of the cities. With hopes of maintaining a balance between the interests of the various touristic operators and the local population, the decision seemed permanent for a while but sadly, the circumstances have changed and the country faces now a brutal crisis in Tourism.

Hence, in order to diminish the uncertainty surrounding the future of the sector, the municipality of Porto has moved forward with a proposal to revoke the creation of the Local Accommodation Regulation, to suspend the prohibition on new registrations and to cancel the containment areas in the historic center and in Bonfim. Though the approval of such measure seems likely, due to the current scenario, it is only on the last of week of April that we can expect a final decision. In the mean time the previous regulation prevails.

Real Estate Boutique has a vast experience with Alojamento Local and several projects for development in Lisbon and Porto that are not in containment areas. Get to know our Portfolio and learn how you can move forward with your projects.
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