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    03 Dec 2018

    Tax burden increased in Portugal.

    About Us
Tax burden increased in Portugal.
But it remains below the European average...
The tax burden in Portugal increased last year, reaching 36.9% of GDP, according to data released by Eurostat. Despite the rise, the national tax burden remains below the European average: the tax burden reaches 40.2% of GDP in the European Union (EU) and 41.4% in the Euro Zone.
The country's growth was nevertheless slight when compared to Cyprus (32.9% to 34%), Luxembourg (39.4% to 40.3%) and Slovakia (32.4% to 33% , 2%), according to the document.
The largest tax burden for 2017 within the EU belongs to France, with taxes and social contributions accounting for 48.4% of GDP. It follows Belgium with 47.3%, Denmark with 46.5%, Sweden with 44.9% and Finland with 43.4%. On the opposite side is Ireland, the country that collects less taxes within the European bloc.
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