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    03 Dec 2018

    The advantages of buying real estate

    About Us
The advantages of buying real estate
Under the Golden Visa program
With the landscape of the Atlantic Ocean, the old rustic architectural scenery and the wooden trams are frequent views in this ancient city of Portugal.
Perched on the edge of Europe, Lisbon has an annual average of 2,799 hours of sunshine and earned it the nickname of the sunniest city.
The national drink of Portugal, "port wine", and the pasteis de cremes, are particularly popular with locals and the world public.
Better yet, Portugal remains the continent's most affordable destination for luxury vacations or residences.
Portugal started in 2018 with renewed confidence, showing a growing forecast and strong dynamism in several sectors, such as real estate and tourism. Over 359 million euros were invested in commercial real estate during the first quarter of 2017. Sales increased dramatically in 2017 and the market experienced a significant change in the buyer profile, with a growing number of investors realizing the potential of the Portuguese real estate industry . There are no restrictions to foreign properties in Portugal and transaction costs are generally low, which is one of the main reasons for investors' interest capture.
For the most part, income tax is generally low and real estate prices are extremely competitive compared to other Southeast Asian countries. Conservative yields range from 3% to 7% per year.
What is known as the "Golden Visa" was launched in October 2012 by the Portuguese authorities in order to attract foreign investment to the country. This visa is recognized internationally as being one of the most attractive residence programs for investors in the world, in part due to the minimum of 7 days in the first year and 14 days in each period of 2 years of residence requirement.
So why not combine Golden Visa with an interesting investment? The qualified investment to obtain the Golden Visa consists of the purchase of properties that are worth a minimum of € 500,000 anywhere in Portugal. Once the visa is granted, the investor and his or her dependents shall be entitled to apply for permanent residence after five years and citizenship after six.
The advantages of "Golden Visa" are visibly convenient. The residence permit allows the holders to work, live or study in Portugal freely. This makes it extremely convenient for entrepreneurs who want to travel to Europe frequently follow their investment plans or expansion in the European market. Authorization may be extended to qualified family members without further investment requirements.
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