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  • About Us
    26 Mar 2019


    About Us
Europe´s First Underwater Restaurant...
Europe’s first underwater restaurant welcomed guests in Lindesnes.

Lindesnes is located at the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline, near its famous Lighthouse. When we were there, we experienced a storm, with gale force wind and rain. It was glorious. We were told that sea storms from north and south meet here, as Under is situated at this wild confluence.                                                    

"Found it to be unconventional, almost incongruous, unexpected in its presentation, yet unforgettable. Walking downstairs into the restaurant, I was struck with the elegance and simplicity of its construction. The first floor is a reception and greeting area, but downstairs is dominated by a huge window that reflects undersea life."

Marine species flourish in both briny and brackish – greenish blue waters to produce a natural abundance in visual biodiversity.  Thus, Under expands the meaning of the word “restaurant," as the building also functions as a consumer education and research center for marine life. The restaurant will soon welcome interdisciplinary research teams studying marine biology and fish behavior, through cameras and other measurement tools that are installed on and outside the facade of the restaurant. Researchers from the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomic Research (NIBIO) and other research centers seek to learn how wild fish can respond to sound signals and study fish behavior throughout the shifting seasons. The researchers will also help create optimal conditions on the seabed so that fish and shellfish can thrive in proximity to the restaurant.

By focusing on the elusive co-existence of life on the land and in the sea, Under may be the first to suggest a unique way of understanding the nuanced human connections to its sea surroundings.  Under may allow its diners to have a completely different dining experience: as they eat, they may redefine meanings of linkage and correlation to the ever-changing life under, with consummate wonder.

Source: http://www.justluxe.com/lifestyle/dining/feature-1968212.php
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