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  • About Us
    02 Nov 2018

    Underwater resorts and floating villas

    About Us
Underwater resorts and floating villas
Africa´s futuristic development plans
A new world is forming, bobbing on the gentle currents of lakes and tropical lagoons. Peacefully ensconced in environmentally conscious surroundings, these dramatic structures are independent and self-sustaining, and could soon become a trending hospitality development that will change the face of tourism forever.

The current and existing floating residential market is composed mostly of real estate projects incorporating floating villas. Recently the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort announced their $50,000 nightly underwater villa called The Muraka, and now a new design project called Beluga Concept has entered the market with a unique brand of Maritime Real Estate. New innovative solutions have now reduced costs while keeping the highest quality and safety for customers, and the designers have already found a way to reduce costs through innovative solutions without compromising the quality.

Many companies are currently working on floating projects with a real interest for future development in tourism. Floating hotels and artificial islands will start to appear everywhere around the world and are being fast-tracked for future approvals from Africa to the South Pacific.

Designer Amédée Santalo with Beluga Concept and the designer of the stunning Floating projects, and he explained where he plans on launching his first floating island and villas. “The idea came a few years ago from Ethiopia, a landlocked country with lots of beautiful lakes."

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