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Private Brokers Portugal

We are a diverse and highly skilled team, prepared to execute your projects A to Z

Private Brokers Portugal
  • Ricardo Guerreiro

    Ricardo Guerreiro

    CEO & Partner (Porto)

    Ricardo is the CEO of Real Estate Boutique and one of the founding partners. He speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish, also understanding French. His main fields of speciallization are Marketing, International Sales and Real Estate, holding an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Porto Business School.

    M: +351 963 595 414
    E: rfguerreiro@realestateboutique.pt

  • Filipe Cadilhe

    Filipe Cadilhe

    Director & Partner (Lisbon)

    Filipe holds a degree in Economics and has an extensive experience advising HNW clients and structuring complex solutions for highly demanding customers. One of the main passions of Filipe is the Real Estate activity and leading his team's efforts in Lisbon to bring excellent assets to the market.

    M: +351 919 808 635
    E: filipecadilhe@realestateboutique.pt

  • Paula Amaral

    Paula Amaral

    Director & Partner (Porto)

    Paula holds a degree in Engineering from the Catholic University of Porto, offering an analytic and results oriented perspective over each asset under negotiation. Paula leads our team of Corporate Clients, from our office in Avenida da Boavista in Porto.

    M: +351 966 950 241
    E: paula.amaral@realestateboutique.pt

  • Henrique Ribeiro

    Henrique Ribeiro

    Private Broker (Lisbon)

    With skills in the areas of Sales Management and Business Strategy, Henrique is one of our Private Brokers in Lisbon. He is fluent in Spanish, French and English and his professional profile includes a long experience in the real estate market. The know-how he incorporates into our team is one of his biggest strengths.

    M: +351 927 621 203
    E: henrique.ribeiro@realestateboutique.pt

  • Bruno Sousa Oliveira

    Bruno Sousa Oliveira

    Private Broker (Porto)

    Bruno Oliveira is the team leader of our Real Estate Boutique in Avenida Rodrigues de Freitas, in Porto. He studies International Trade, speaks fluent English and is a very active element in the research of real estate for the portfolio of Real Estate Boutique, managing at the same time all the activities of our team in order to satisfy the investment needs of our Clients.

    M: +351 935 719 930
    E: bruno.oliveira@realestateboutique.pt

  • Eden Bouchoucha

    Eden Bouchoucha

    Private Broker (Lisbon)

    Eden is one of our team members in Lisbon. He has a degree in Information Technology and his career includes experiences in France, Australia and now Portugal. Fluent mastery of French, English and Hebrew is one of his skills, making him a versatile element that streamlines and strengthens Real Estate Boutique´s relationship with its clients.

    M: +351 927 492 212
    E: eden.bouchoucha@realestateboutique.pt

  • João Magalhães

    João Magalhães

    Private Broker (Porto)

    João graduated in Marketing and acumulates experience in different areas of expertise. Part of our team in our branded shop Real Estate Boutique in Avenida da Boavista in Porto, João brings experience and valuable insights to each decision-making process on the course of an investment. João speaks Portuguese and English fluently.

    M: +351 914 002 245
    E: joao.magalhaes@realestateboutique.pt

  • Constança Lopes da Costa

    Constança Lopes da Costa

    Private Broker (Porto)

    Constança graduated in Law from the Universidade Católica in Portugal and worked at the Embassies of Portugal in Belgium and Luxembourg. She's fluent in French and English languages, bringing a unique set of skills and professional experience. Constança offers a comprehensive and complete information respecting to the Portuguese real estate market to each Client living abroad.

    M: +351 918 614 259
    E: constanca.tigre@realestateboutique.pt

  • Kuzey Menda

    Kuzey Menda

    Private Broker (Lisbon)

    Kuzey Menda is natural from Turkey and having a background in cinema and television, worked with some of the largest international marketing agencies. Kuzey lives in Portugal and developed a very particular taste for real estate investment and customer relations. Kuzey's presence reinforces our international vocation, particularly in the Turkish market.

    M: +351 912 314 463
    E: kuzey.menda@realestateboutique.pt

  • Thanh Mai Xuan / Steve

    Thanh Mai Xuan / Steve

    International Partner (Vietnam)

    Steve is our partner in Vietnam, being based in Hanoi. Steve holds a bachelor in Banking and Finantial Support Services and has a sound experience promoting real estate acquisitions and immigration advisory allover Europe and Portugal in particular. Providing a unique tailor-made service to private and corporate investors in Vietnam, Steve helps each client understanding clearly all the details involved with buying property abroad.

    M: +84 93 232 49 92
    E: info@realestateboutique.pt

  • Daniel Gugl

    Daniel Gugl

    CEO - Good Land Swiss

    Daniel is our trusted partner in Geneva, accumulating an experience of over 20 years in the Private Banking field in Switzerland, reaching several different international markets with UBS, Credit Suisse, Barclays, Standard Chartered. Daniel speaks French, English, German, Spanish and gives his best to be proficient speaking Portuguese as well.

    M: +41 78 803 90 03
    E: switzerland@realestateboutique.pt

  • Bárbara Pinho

    Bárbara Pinho

    Head of Marketing & Development

    Bárbara is graduated in Management from the Minho University and she's in charge of the execution of Real Estate Boutique's marketing plan and activities, comprising the company's content production and communication. She speaks fluently English and Portuguese.

    M: +351 911 797 038
  • Francisca Esteves

    Francisca Esteves

    Branding & Design Manager

    Francisca holds a degree in Communication Design from the Fine Arts University of Lisbon and is equipped with a diverse set of skills in Branding, Content Marketing and Advertising. She's in charge of REB Group's brands design, Social Media and Content Management. Francisca is a volunteer in different social programs in the Norhtern Portugal.

    M: +351 911 797 038
  • Rita Azeredo

    Rita Azeredo

    Backoffice & Financial Control

    Rita is responsible for the Backoffice and Financial Control of Real Estate Boutique, with a professional experience accumulated over 20 years. Rita has the responsibility over invoicing control, financial planning, and the entire administrative organization of the company.

    M: +351 911 797 038
    E: rita.azeredo@realestateboutique.pt

  • Eugénia Valente

    Eugénia Valente

    Leading Architect

    Eugénia graduated in Architecture in the University of Minho, complemented with advanced studies in Property Valuation. She leads the Architecture & Project Management Team of Real Estate Boutique, having successfully delivered several projects of building renovation and interior design in the cities of Braga, Porto and Lisbon.
    M: +351 965 102 615
    E: info@arpo.pt
  • Sandrine Lima

    Sandrine Lima

    Head Financial Control

    Equipped with a Bachelors in Management from the University of Porto, Sandrine has a special focus and interest in financial management and control. She's the person in charge of the entire financial control, cash management and invoicing of Nomad City Flats.

    M: +351 918 888 480
  • Nathalia Santos

    Nathalia Santos

    Property Management

    Nathalia studies Literature in the University of Porto and she brings to our daily operations a unique set of language skills, making sure each guest, travelling from allover the world, has a smooth arrival and stay in Nomad City Flats apartments.

    M: +351 918 888 480
    E: info@nomadcityflats.com
  • João Boura

    João Boura

    Property Management

    João graduated in Management in ISCTE Lisbon. Besides being daily in charge of the maintenance and operationallity of each of the apartments under management of Nomad City Flats, João also makes sure each guest or tenant has the best accommodation experience in Lisbon.

    M: +351 918 888 485
    E: info@nomadcityflats.com
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