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    Braga Studios - Praça do Município (Braga)

    About Us
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Praça do Municipio is a building located in a noble area of the city of Braga that was in a vacant state when it arrived to our portfolio. The building is currently under construction.

Located in a noble area of ​​the city of Braga, this building was, upon its arrival in our portfolio, in a vacant state.

The refurbishment of the property retains its original design and identity, converting the building into 3 one-bedroom units and preserving commercial use at ground level. The compromise between the historical elements of the building and the new modern interior designed spaces were the main guidelines of this project.

Real Estate Boutique´s intervention took place throughout the main stages of project development:

1. Building Identification
2. Support in hiring the architects responsible for the project
3. Drafting of 3D and marketing brochure
4. Set up the marketing strategy and choose channels of dissemination
5. Sales Launch
6. Monitoring and supervision of the work

For more information about this project and the services we can offer you, please send us a message through our CONTACTS area or contact one of our TEAM members.
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