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  • About Us

    ONE Miragaia (Porto)

    About Us
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  • Real Estate Boutique
  • Real Estate Boutique
  • Real Estate Boutique
ONE Miragaia Apartments are a new renovation project of a building in Rua dos Armazéns in Miragaia, Porto.

In this project, we were looking to avoid the obvious, looking to enhance the unique features of a small building, first built during the Middle Age (one of the few in the city of Porto), offering small but very bright apartments, inside a unique urban landscape.

The nº 1 in Rua dos Armazéns is very close to the Douro River, just 3 minutes walking. Although without river view, it benefits from a very singular position, looking to the buildings of the Congress Center of Alfândega do Porto (South) and Passeio das Virtudes (North). 

Real Estate Boutique is present since the very first moment of the conception of this project, providing support to a group of foreign investors, on the construction of a diversified portfolio of several buildings in the city.

The scope of our service has been developed throughout the following stages:

- Support to the installation of the group of investors in Portugal
- Identificcation of the buildings for investment
- Offering and negotiating the acquisitions
- Development of the Marketing Plan
- Sales
- Project Management of the construction and development

For more information about this project and the services we can put at your disposal, please send us a message through our CONTACTS area or contact one of our TEAM members.
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