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A complete suite of tailor-made solutions to your investments in Portugal

Private Brokers
Private Brokers A tailor-made service of real estate advisory in the Portuguese market Real Estate Boutique operates from its offices in Lisbon and Porto, providing a unique service of advisory in real estate investments in the Portuguese market. Offering each client a full tailor-made service, transparent and supported by a strong knowledge of the local real estate market. We carry out a continuous work of identification of high added value properties, aiming to satisfy your investment (...) Know more »
Project Management
Project Management A dedicated team providing support to the execution of your projects from A to Z A multi-disciplinar team of highly qualified individuals is permanently available to provide full support to your projects in Portugal.   We have a serious compromise with our clients projects, aligning strategy, objectives and execution into a coherent process. Real Estate Boutique delivered more than 150 apartments in Lisbon and Porto during the last 5 years, being present throughout the (...) Know more »
Property Management
Property Management Bringing added value to your property in Portugal The portfolio that we have under management is diversified and we keep a close contact with each investor.   We have a strong commitment with the portfolio of each of our Clients, sharing common objectives and results. Having presently under management properties in Lisbon, Porto, Braga and the Algarve. The reasons why we take responsibility and commit with the assets of our Clients, is because we believe in our work, the (...) Know more »